Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory blinds can be a vaulable addition for both the appearance and the use of the room. They perform various functions, including:

Privacy – Conservatory blinds are ideal for providing privacy - especially at night time. All blind ranges work well for this aspect, and in particular vertical and venetian blinds, as these can be tilted to a certain angle which keeps the room nice and light, whilst preventing outside observers looking in.

Temperature – One of the problems conservatories can face is the temperature levels. They’re often hot in the summer months and very cold in the winter. Our beautiful range of performance blinds and fabrics can help achieve an ideal environment.

Glare – This is a particular problem on sunny days the sun beating in through the glass panes can be blinding. By installing conservatory blinds, the glare can be reduced by up to 80% depending upon the type of blind and fabric selected. Choosing Perfect fit conservatory blinds, combined with a blackout fabric is probably the most effective way of greatly reducing the glare problem.

Security – If your conservatory is visible from a main road or overlooked from different directions blinds will prevent outsiders from looking in at belongs/items stored.

Where We Can Help

Alpine Blinds provide conservatory blind solutions to clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across central Scotland.


Conservatory Blinds
  • Which areas do you cover?

    We cover areas in Central Scotland. We may be able to travel further for certain types of work, so please get in touch if you’re unsure. We also provide blinds as supply-only, so if you’re not in our range, you can order your made to measure blinds with us, and have them delivered with instructions!

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes, we provide a 1 year guarantee on all work carried out.

  • How quickly can you visit me?

    This will depend upon the time you contact us. We can in some circumstances come out to visit the same day, but as a general rule we can usually come out within a couple of days of the enquiry. As always we will try our best to accommodate all our customers needs.


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