Options for Conservatory Blinds

One of the big questions that Alpine Blinds is often asked is around conservatory blinds.  Top of the list of things that people ask is what type of blind is best for these spaces, given that they are often oddly shaped, with large windows and often with glass roofs that require blinds on them too.

Roller blinds are a popular option.  You can have a blind for each ‘section’ of the window, allowing you to have some up and some down depending on the time of day.  They come in a wide range of colours and materials to coordinate with furniture in the room and are easy to clean.  Roman blinds have evolved a lot in recent years and these changes have made them popular for conservatories.  The use of aluminium rails and fibreglass rods mean they are stronger and easier to use than in previous versions.  They are also very good for insulation and come in almost any colour.

Metal Venetian blinds are also popular with conservatory owners.  They are resistant to fading from the sun and can be made to measure for the spaces involved.  Their design means you can have open, closed or even removed from the window and they are easy to clean.  Similarly, vertical blinds are great for the spaces and can come with blackout materials that offer extra relief from the strongest sunshine.

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Options for Conservatory Blinds

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