Wooden Blinds Edinburgh

Wooden blinds Edinburgh and around the country aren’t a new style – we’ve been using wood for window coverings for hundreds of years.  But the modern wooden blinds have all the benefits of the natural materials as well as the best of modern systems to operate them.  Here’s a look at some of the main benefits of wooden blinds for your home windows.

There’s something unparalleled about having real wood at your window or anywhere else in your home – that’s why wood flooring remains a very popular option.  The uniqueness of every piece of wood means no two slats are ever completely the same and creates an authentic and natural look for your window.

Wooden blinds also create great privacy for your rooms.  If you are overlooked and there are times when you want to cut out the world, then you can easily do this with a wood blind.  The same applies to the sunlight – wonderful that it is, it can be hard work when you are trying to do something, and the sun is glaring in your face.

Blinds made from wood are also very easy to clean.  A cloth or duster is the first way to keep them dust free while wiping over with a slightly damp cloth can also help freshen them up.  Do remember that moisture can warp wood over time, so they may not be ideal for bathrooms or kitchens, especially if there isn’t the best ventilation.