Shop Blinds

Alpine Blinds provides a shop blinds service to clients across Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout central Scotland.

Shop blinds perform two main tasks – they offer a stylish look in the window and protect people and goods inside from the sunlight.  They need to be tough and easy to clean while looking the part in the business.  Here at Alpine Blinds, we offer a number of varieties of shop blinds to find the perfect solution for your shop.

The window to your shop is like a showcase to your business, encapsulating what the business has to offer.  But you don’t always want people to see in – particularly when the shop is closed.  Security becomes the concern and this is where blinds can help.  They shade the shop and make it harder to see what is inside, deterring the casual vandal or thief.  They can even work to advertise the business through the use of logo printed blinds, bringing the shop’s branding to the world when the business is closed.

Sunlight is great but it does cause damage over time and this can mean your merchandise may become damaged.  By using a blind that can be rolled out on those sunniest days or times, you can protect your goods from UV damage.  You can also create a more comfortable environment for staff and customers, reducing the glare and heat from the sun at the highest points of the day.