Hotel Blind

Alpine Blinds provides a hotel blinds service to clients across Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout central Scotland.

Commercial blinds have a lot of work to do, far more than they would in a domestic property. When the business in question is a hotel, the demands are probably the highest as hotel rooms are in use almost daily and are cleaned every time a customer vacates.

Alpine blinds are a specialist in commercial blinds and how offer a service to supply hotel blinds in Glasgow and across Scotland. We have the biggest range of blind styles available that means we can find the right blinds for your business.

With hotels, it can often be the case that different blinds are needed for different parts of the premises. Simple blinds in the room that offer privacy to guests are ideal, ensuring they are easy to clean and operate with child safe systems. Sometimes, hotels choose blackout blinds to offer extra convenience for customers.

In other parts of the hotel, vertical or Venetian blinds may be ideal, allow the windows to be shielded at some times and open to public view on others. Allowing people to see into the restaurant or bar is a good idea but if the sun shines into the room at certain times of the day, then blocking this off can also be useful.

Whatever the type of blinds required, we can help. And if you are unsure about what blinds will suit the areas of the hotel, then we can also offer expert advice as well as a free measuring service to get the perfect fitting blinds every time.