Why Wooden Blinds

There are lots of different materials to choose from for your blinds – fabric, blackout linings, metal and wood to name a few of the most popular.  When you are considering the materials, you might ask the question ‘why wooden blinds?’ – here are a few ideas.

Wooden blinds have a smart and timeless appeal that comes from the use of real wood.  The unique grain of the wood, the natural colours and the warmth that it brings to a room is something that few materials can match.  They can also easily match in with other wood in the room to create a harmonious look.

When closed, wooden blinds are great for privacy, with nothing being able to be seen through them.  Some materials can still allow shadows and even glimpses of what is happening in the room beyond.  But with wood, you can create an impenetrable barrier that no-one can see through.

Blinds made from wood are also very easy to clean and have a great longevity due to their natural material.  You can use a cloth or duster to easily remove dust and should there be an accident that sees them become scratched, you can easily apply new varnish to restore their appearance.

Finally, wood blinds are very functional.  When closed they block sunlight and UV rays, protecting the room beyond from damage by sunlight.  Wood is naturally insulating, and this means they help keep heat in a room and cold outside.

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Why Wooden Blinds

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