Shoot for Television Series

Shoot for Television Series

We arrived at a North London address and were asked to provide electric roof blinds for a conservatory and normal electric roller blinds. We manufactured the large electric roof blinds to fit in with the manufacture excactly on time within 3 weeks and literally were manufacturing electric roller blinds for large ceiling to floor windows in a house within a studio within 3 days of the order going in they were fitting enabling the creative lighting director to prepare for his shoot.

If you are shooting scenes within a television or film project and you require a quick response we can meet any time line you require. As part of this on going project we had to send a van to Lyon in France to pick up a fabric which the client required the next day. We considered a small plane but it was too difficult we sent a van through the night to the south of France with 2 drivers who took it in turns 1400 miles to get the job done. We also made 2 electric blinds in our Glasgow factory and drove them down to North London overnight and they were installed before 11am the next day.

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Shoot for Television Series

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