Pleated blinds are considered a great alternative to both roller and vertical blinds as they combine a little of both.  This means they are popular for homes, conservatories and also for business premises.  But what should you look for when you visit a blind company in Glasgow to consider this style of blind?

One of the benefits of pleated blinds is that they can easily be pulled up to the top of the window and leave the space clear.  Make sure the blind you choose is easy to operate and that you can manage to pull it all the way to the top of the window – some materials can be heavier than others so bear this in mind when making a choice.

Pleated blinds also come in a number of different formats to suit the requirements of the space.  You can use two fabrics in the blind to create a stylish blind that coordinates with your room décor.  You can also get a hexagonal structure that allows air flow into the room and are often paired with electrical operating systems.  Or you can go with the classic pleat that is available in the widest range of colours and has great insulation properties.

This style of blinds is also known for their ease of cleaning.  The material can be passed over with a vacuum cleaner tool to remove dust while a gentle wipe with a damp sponge can also restore them to their best.


Pleated Blinds Benefits

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We use the lastest up-to-date blind technology.

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All blinds are bespoke and made on site by our skilled tradespeople.

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All our products and services are reasonably priced.

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