Ever Thought About Panel Blinds

One of the big advantages of visiting a blind company in Glasgow is that you get to see styles and types of blinds that you might not have encountered before.  One example of a lesser known style that might work in your home is panel blinds.

Panel blinds are a little like vertical blinds and often work with a channel or other fixing to ensure they move around the window area easily.  These large blinds are perfect for large windows, sliding doors or for spaces such as conservatories or garden rooms. 

When choosing panel blinds, look at the operating system.  The idea of the blinds is that you can remove them from the window entirely if you want to – so if you want to sit in your garden room and admire the work you just did in your garden, then you pull the blind aside.  So, check the system that operates the blinds is easy to use, smooth and allows you to do this.

Another use for panel blinds is to create a divide in an open plan room.  This can make one large space into two smaller, cosier ones and is a less permanent solution that adding a wall.  Panel blinds can be made from solid materials or from sheer fabrics that allow the maximum light to flow through. 

Finally, they are often used to hide a cupboard or storage space as an alternative to a cupboard door.  They can come in a range of colours and materials to fit in with other types of blinds in the room and are easy to operate to access the cupboard behind them.

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Ever Thought About Panel Blinds

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