Blinds Company Renfrew

Venetian blinds remain one of the most popular options that a blind company in Renfrew or anywhere in the country will offer. However, sometimes something a little different is required to the normal fabric style of Venetian and this is where wooden blinds come in.

Wooden blinds, sometimes called timber blinds, have long been popular for hotels, restaurants and other business premises. They are easy to make either a traditional or contemporary appearance and are one of the oldest styles of blinds. In fact, before there were glass in windows, there were wooden blinds handing up and were the first type of Venetian blind created.

The modern wooden blind often uses thin strips of timber that have been specially prepared to make sure they don’t warp. As well as being made from wood, they can also be given a range of real wood colourings such as pine, chestnut and hazel to match furniture in a room. Alternatively they can be painted with a matt or high gloss finish into a range of colours from white and black to yellow and blue.

These stylish blinds can be used in a variety of different rooms and have operating systems including dual controls to both raise and lower the blind as well as to tilt the slats. There are even electrical controls that can be added in some cases.

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