Blinds Company Port Glasgow

Alpine Blinds provides a blind service to clients in the Port Glasgow area. The company is based in Glasgow but will visit customers in Port Glasgow.

Blind Company Port Glasgow

Choosing a blind for a small room can be a little more of a challenge than for a bigger room.  Whether this is a bedroom, a dining room or any other part of the house, smaller rooms have special considerations that help make them a success.

For starters, in smaller rooms, it can often be a good idea to opt for lighter colours.  This helps make the room seem lighter and more spacious as well as letting more light into the room when in use.  If you don’t want that latter benefit, you can always go for a blind with a blackout lining to use when you want to reduce light into the room.

Match the colour with the shades of the walls to give a coordinating or matching effect.  This also makes for a streamlined and unbroken effect to the windows and walls that increase the sense of space in the room and makes walls look bigger.  If you are unsure about the colour needed, talk to Alpine Blinds for advice.

Lots of times blinds are paired with curtains but in small rooms, you might want to leave out the curtains.  Their natural bulk can reduce the size of the room and make it seem smaller – just go for a blind that does the job for the room such as giving privacy or reducing glare from the sun.

If you go for a slat style of blind such as a Venetian, then look at wider slats of around 50mm.  This lets more light into the room and also means less slats are required to cover the window.  It also means there will be less space required to move the blind out of the way.

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