Blinds Company Paisley

Alpine Blinds provides a blind service to the Paisley area.

Most of us have heard of Roman blinds, roller blinds and Venetian blinds but not so much of panel blinds. Yet in the right room, these can be an ideal solution to a variety of window and space problems. In fact, they can even be used to divide up a room!

Panel blinds are large blinds made from fabric that are usually used in large windows to provide privacy and to shut out the light. Normally, they use a headrail with a number of running tracks that are either secured to the ceiling or the internal lintel. On these run wheeled travellers, small components that carry the bars onto which the fabric is attached. The size of these bars depends on the size of the space to be covered.

Typically, woven, knitted or even non-woven fabrics are chosen from panel blinds and a good quality blind company in Paisley will have a few options for you to consider. Extras can include solar coating to improve the limitation of the sunlight into the room as well as flame retardant coatings. There are even opaque fabrics available in some designs that work for black out spaces. Mesh fabrics work the other way, allowing the most light into the room while giving some privacy.

Finally, these large blinds can even be run across a room to create a divider, say between a living room and a dining room. Working on the same principle, they are easy to remove when the room is required as a single space but can create the illusion of a wall without the major construction and permanence of adding one.

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