Blinds Company Linwood

Alpine Blinds provides a blind service to clients in Linwood. The company is based in Glasgow but will visit customers across central Scotland.

Blind Company Linwood

Kitchens often tend towards sensible colours – white cabinets, neutral walls colours, maybe a wood shade or two.  There are lots of ways to add some colour and feature to the room and one of the easiest is by adding a colourful blind to the window.

When you visit a blind company for kitchen blinds, make sure you tell them where the blind is to go.  This is because they can then watch out for materials that are naturally water resistant for the higher moisture levels found in many kitchens.  Once you have a suitable material, you can look at colour and design.

If your kitchen is very white, then almost any colour will bring feature to it.  Choose a shade you love and that you can find other accessories to go with to add to the room.  For kitchens that are on the cool side, go for warmer shades such as reds, oranges, yellows or pinks. 

You can also use white blinds in styles such as Venetian or Roman to use in the window, especially if the kitchen is overlooked by neighbours.  This helps you feel less ‘watched’ and allows you to control just how open or shut the blinds are at any point.  If the room gets a lot of sunlight, then a blackout material might even make it a more comfortable space.

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