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Alpine Blinds provides a blind service to the Kilmarnock area.

Blind Company Kilmarnock

One ongoing trend noted by many a blind company is the use of grey in many rooms of the house.  Once considered boring, grey has come into its own as people realise how flexible a colour it is.  While not as warm as beige, it has more personality and matches with almost every other shade.

One popular way to use grey is to mix it with warm shades.  That might mean having a steel grey blind at the window while the walls of the house are a soft green shade.  Beige shades, tonal red that is in fashion and even yellows and oranges can all work with grey in different ways and bring a warmth to the room.

If in doubt, white is a good partner for grey and makes for a very modern, monochrome style of space.  Use shades of grey and even a little black for a very startling look that can still be warm if you choose the right shade of grey or a hint of grey white for the walls.

You can also use a really bold accent colour alongside any shade of grey.  Think of colours like aubergine, burgundy, dark teals and rich pink shades – these all work perfectly with grey and can be used for accent walls, accessories and other touches to personalise the room.

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