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Alpine Blinds provides a blind service to clients in Houston. The company is based in Glasgow but will visit customers across central Scotland.

Blind Company Houston

When interior designers set about creating a room, they do use a lot of their inspiration and experience but there are also some rules that can help guide their decision-making process.  This means when you redecorate or change things in your room next time, you can use these similar rules to help with decisions.

One example is the formula for using three colours – 60/30/10.  In this, 60% of the room should be the main colour, usually on the walls.  Another 30% will be the secondary colour on things like skirting boards, trims and major furnishing.  The third section, 10%, is used for your accent colour for smaller pieces of furniture, blinds or ornaments.  So when you visit a blind company to choose a blind, the colour you take to match could be either your secondary or accent shade.

Avoid going for more than three or four colours in a room or things start to seem a little chaotic.  Colour blocking is a great way to deal with colour, using solid blocks of colour.  Examples could be a big blind at the window in one shade while the walls are in another.  A third colour, often a neutral, could be used for trims and other features.

The light balance of the room can also help you choose colours.  For example, if a room is light and airy, then you can go with darker shades if you like.  But a darker room will benefit from a lighter colour palette to help make it seem lighter, warmer and more inviting.

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