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Trends can be a great source of inspiration when you are looking to make a change or upgrade something in your home.  They give you ideas about what will be shops and what kind of products are in the blind stores.  So what are the trends looking like for next year?

Natural and organic looks have been popular for the last few years and show no sign of slowing down.  This can be anything from using natural materials in a blind such as bamboo or real wood through to using materials in a roller blind that have a leaf or plant pattern on them.  It is an easy trend to get involved with as there are so many interpretations of it and it can work for any room in the house.

In terms of colours, two very different shades are popular for next year.  Greenery has been the colour of the year and is still a popular shade for next year.  It ties in well with the natural and organic style and can be used in the blinds, in matching curtains or even in accessories around the room.  The other colour is a set of them – tonal reds.  This just means a series of colours that complement each other like the shades on a colour palette.  From terracotta to berry to blush, these shades can be picked up in blind materials as well as room accessories.

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