Blinds Company Airdrie

Alpine Blinds provides a blind service to the Airdrie area.

Blind Company Airdrie

Pairing blinds with curtains or other features around the room can make the window into a central feature in the room.  So when you visit a blind company to look at blinds for your rooms, always take along a sample of curtain colour or even a tester of material to help you choose the right match.

Matching striped blinds on twin windows paired with plain curtains or a plain wall pattern can make the windows into a real feature.  Because the blinds hang above the window, they make it appear uncluttered when drawn up and let the maximum amount of light into the room.

If you fall in love with a patterned blind, then pair it with plain walls or curtains as too many patterns can clash.  Coloured and patterned blinds are great in a sunny kitchen or bathroom, especially when they fit inside the window to make for a neat look in the window.

Venetian and slatted styles of blinds have a slightly more functional look and feel to them and work well in conservatories as well as kitchens and bathrooms.  They also look great if the room has wood panelling as the horizontal stripes of the blind complement the direction of the wood.

Don’t forget you can even add blinds to patio doors by having a style that is added to the top of each door.  That gives you a number of options for opening and closing them but means you can still use the door even when the blinds are drawn.

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